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How to clean the sintered mesh filter

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The product is sintered by the punching plate and multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh. Due to the support of punching plate, it has the higher pressure and mechanical strength. It is mainly used in food&beverage, water treatment, dust removing, pharmacy, polymer,etc. It can be processed into various filters: tube, disc and sheet. The thickness of the punching plate and structure of the wire mesh can be customized according to the user's requirements.


Stainless steel sintered mesh filter element is a widely used filter element type, usually made of stainless steel wire superimposed and sintered in vacuum. The stainless steel sintered mesh filter element has good corrosion resistance, strong permeability and high strength, high filtration accuracy, and the wire mesh is not easy to fall off. In the stainless steel sintered mesh filter element, if there is a blockage phenomenon, we can use the following methods to clean it:

1. Heating volatilization method: Some fouling on some filters can be removed by heating. However, it should be noted that carbon ash and solid attachments cannot remain inside the sintered mesh filter element during heating.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning: When ultrasonic waves are applied to the cleaning solution, the dirt in the sintered mesh filter element can be removed. Since the sintered mesh filter element is a porous material, it has the ability to absorb ultrasonic waves, which will affect the cleaning effect.

3. Cleaning with a brush: This is the most commonly used method to clean the sintered mesh filter element. In the process of use, it is recommended to use a soft brush for cleaning. Using a hard brush can easily cause damage to the sintered mesh filter element, thus affecting the overall performance. If used in conjunction with cleaning fluid, the effect will be better.

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