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Applications of Sintered Filters

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Sintered filters are porous, usually cylindrical, metal components manufactured through a sintering process. Copper and metal alloys are mixed together and fused through high temperatures to achieve porosity and create a mesh. 

Filtration is an important aspect of everything we do, from drinking water to gases used as coolants in nuclear reactors, and impurities can cause problems for everyone. But plastic filters, screens, chalk or standard filtration processes are not available everywhere. Sintered filters perform very specific tasks and, depending on their micron-scale porosity, they can be used in several applications. As one of the safest and most reliable ways to filter liquids or gases, sintered filters are either very popular or are slowly being adapted to different industries. So, here are a few places where we see sintered filters being used heavily:

Automobile industry

From being an important element of the exhaust pipe to being used as a filter cover for the engine air filter, sintered filters have many uses in the automotive industry. They are even used as silencers in throttle and exhaust systems.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Not allowing foreign matter to contaminate the materials at hand, sintered filter elements and profiles stand out in this industry. High pressure, varying viscosity levels and corrosive characteristics have led these industries to trust sintered filters for their filtration needs.

Nuclear Power and Energy Industry

Sintered filters are suitable for high pressure situations. One of the benefits of using them is that you can manage pressure flow and output based on the micron-scale porosity present on the filter surface. Sintered filters play a huge role in nuclear reactors that use clean water as coolant.  

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