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What Are The Performance Indicators of Sintered Mesh?

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Since the mesh holes of each layer of the stainless steel sintered mesh are interlaced to form a uniform and ideal filter structure, it not only overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary metal mesh with low strength, poor rigidity, and unstable mesh shape, but also can filter materials Reasonable matching and design of pore size, permeability and strength characteristics, so that it has excellent filtration precision, filtration impedance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability, and its comprehensive performance is significantly better than that of sintered metal Powder, ceramic, fiber, filter cloth, filter paper and other types of filter materials.

Therefore, stainless steel sintered mesh is used in machinery, aerospace, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Understanding the performance indicators of stainless steel sintered mesh has a direct relationship with the selection of materials suitable for actual production needs.

Because the sintered mesh is protected by upper and lower layers of wire mesh, coupled with the diffusion solid solution sintering process, the filter mesh holes are not only not easily deformed, but also have a large filtration range, from 1-200um, with reliable filtration performance.

The sintered mesh produced by our company is mainly made of SUS316L and 304. The working temperature of both is the same, the specific range is -200℃ to 550℃. Among them, if the sintered mesh is used discontinuously in a high-temperature environment, the maximum temperature can reach 800°C. Therefore, the sintered mesh has very stable filtration performance for low-temperature or high-temperature working environments.

Multi-layer sintered mesh is a new filter material that uses two layers, three layers or multiple layers of densely textured mesh (mat mesh) with different precisions. After a special lamination pressing and vacuum sintering process, it has extremely high mechanical strength and overall rigidity. Each layer of wire mesh is interlaced to form a uniform and ideal filter material, which has high strength, strong rigidity, uniform and stable mesh, and has better wear resistance, pressure resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance than other filter materials.

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