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Type C Sintered Wire Mesh can be processed into various filters

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Type C Sintered Wire Mesh is a versatile material that can be processed into various filter shapes to suit different applications. The common filter shapes include:

1. **Tube Filters:** Type C Sintered Wire Mesh can be rolled and welded to create cylindrical tube filters. These tube filters are commonly used in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and food processing to filter gases and liquids.

2. **Disc Filters:** The sintered wire mesh can be cut and shaped into circular discs. These disc filters are suitable for applications that require the removal of particles from liquids or gases. They are often used in filtration systems for water treatment, chemical processing, and more.

3. **Sheet Filters:** Type C Sintered Wire Mesh can also be processed into flat sheets. These sheets are used in applications where a flat filter surface is required. They can be custom-cut to fit specific filter housings and are commonly used in industrial filtration processes.

The versatility and durability of Type C Sintered Wire Mesh make it a popular choice for various filtration needs across different industries. It provides consistent and reliable filtration performance, making it suitable for critical applications where purity and cleanliness are essential.

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