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Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Uses

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Sintered mesh is manufactured using precision technology and is uniformly woven (or calendered) through industrial rollers and laminated in a furnace under heavy mechanical weight. The product is sintered under high-temperature inert gas in a furnace (diffusion bonding), which means that individual wires and each adjacent layer of the mesh are bonded to each other. Once cooled in a controlled environment, the sintered wire mesh becomes hard and completely flat into the finished product. The manufacturer will then conduct a final cleaning, inspection and certification process.

Stainless steel sintered mesh features wear-resistant fuses consisting of one, two or five braided layers, making it an extremely strong and versatile sub-micron filtration product. Able to withstand high pressures while maintaining a stable filtration rating, it can be used in a variety of equipment and parts, including:

diffusion screen



fluidized bed


Polymer, petrochemical, nut and hydraulic filters

This multi-faceted, strong material is suitable for many industries and equipment.

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