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Raw material testing platform: It is used to inspect the sieve mesh number, wire diameter, dimension, flaws on the surface of the wire mesh. 
Alloy analyzer: It is used to test the raw material and its chemical composition. It can accurately analyze the chemical composition and then store the data and print it out. 
High frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer: It can quickly and exactly test the material and the composition of C and S and then store the data and print it out. 
Magnifier: It can magnify 60 times to watch and inspect sintered wire mesh, 
Microscope: It is mainly used to analyze sintered wire mesh with a maximum magnification of 450 times and it can store and transmit pictures. 
Air flow meter: It is used to analyze the air flow rate and it can also offer the air flow rate curve at different pressure according to customer’s requirement. 
Aperture Analyzer: It is used to analyze the scope of the filter rating according to the ISO4003
Tensile testing machine: It is used to test the tensile strength and elongation of sintered wire mesh. And it can automatically store data and print it out.
Intergranular Corrosion Tester:It can do various kinds of material and different standards intergranular corrosion test ,inculding Cu-CuSO4-H2SO4 test and ferric sulfate-sulfuric acid test.By this experiment,we can test anti-corrosion ability of normal austenitic stainelss steel and special nicle-based alloy.
Salt Spery Test Chamber:It mainly test the material and its protective layers’ anti-salt corrosion ability.It can be applied to Neutral Salt Spray test(NSS),Acetic Acid Salt Spray test (ASS)and copper accelerated salt spray test(CASS)
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