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sintered mesh filter disc

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According to the preparation method of filter screen material , it can be divided into stainless steel woven mesh , copper mesh, mat type mesh , stainless steel sintered mesh , black silk cloth , galvanized square mesh , metal plate mesh , steel plate mesh , punching mesh and other metal mesh , etc

sintered mesh filter disc

304 316L Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Disc Features The product shapes of filter screen are rectangle , square , circle , ellipse and ring The product structure of filter screen is single layer , double layer , multi-layer Processing technology double-layer or three-layer spot welding , the number of welding points is generally 4-10 , and single-layer and double-layer binding can also be made according to customer requirements Materials stainless steel mesh , galvanized mesh , copper mesh , dense mesh , punching mesh , etc Binding materials stainless steel plate , copper plate , galvanized plate , aluminum plate , rubber , etc Filter diameter generally 1mm to 600mm.


304 stainless steel filter screen is made by special mold processing , using raw materials such as stainless steel screen and other rare metal products .

It is generally used in petroleum , chemical , pharmaceutical , automobile and other high-precision filtration industries

sintered mesh filter disc

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