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Why The Oil Industry Need The Filtration Process?

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When you see this question, the answer is seemingly simple. Of course the filtration process is designed to remove the impurities and the particle from the oil. However, there are many different products exist in the marketplace and the name of these products may be varied in the different area. Thus it would confuse some of us or the oil process may be oversimplify in order to cut through the confusion.

Basically the filtration is using the special filter cartridge to separate the impurities contamination from oil for either protecting the equipment or increase the working efficiency of the oil. If the answer is such simple, why people would get confused? In the following article, we gonna explain this filtration process.


There are two process in the whole filtration process, the primary filtration and the secondary filtration. These two different process are designed for the different purpose.

The primary filtration is used on the equipment protection and is usually installed by the original equipment manufacturer.

The primary filtration is almost always the full flow filter with a bypass valve. In this process, the cartridge is designed to separate the the large particle contamination.


This is why it is also named as the oil screening. The filtration level may not reach the high level of the cleanliness cause it is only used to keep large particles from damaging the lubricated equipment.

As for the installation of the primary filtration, it can be placed in the in the equipment lubrication circuit, either in the pressure line going out to the lubrication point or the return line from the lubrication point.

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