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What Is Sintered Wire Mesh Filter?

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Basically, the sintered wire mesh is a porous panel, which consist of multiple layers of metal meshes. The combination of the sintered wire mesh are quite different, there maybe will be the perforated metal mesh or the woven wire mesh. Then they were put into the vacuum environment to sinter together. Among these mesh layers, there will be the protection layer, the filter mesh and the support mesh. The combination of the sintered wire mesh is based on the customer needs.

Under the protection of the outer layer, the inner mesh provides the high efficiency filtration rates. Before purchasing the sintered wire mesh filter, you need which combination of the filter fits your application environment best. This is important, for it related to the filtration rating. But you should notice that the sintered filter is only used for the surface filtration.


Due to its sintering process, the sintered filter are not easily be broken, the solid structure allow the filter to be used in the harsh environment. It also can resist the extreme temperature, the temperature can vary from 480 degrees Celsius to -270 degrees Celsius. The material of the wire mesh is stainless steel, it can assure the sanitary. It would not cause the second pollution. It also has the back-washing ability. So you don’t have to worry about the cleaning problem.

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