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The Precise Filtration Product-- Sintered Wire Mesh Filter

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Sintered wire mesh are consist of more than one layer woven wire mesh. The layers of woven wire mesh will be sintered in the vacuum space. The single layer of the wire mesh will be rolled flattened uniformly, in the meanwhile the experienced will ensure the different layer are contact firmly at the cross over points. Then these layers of wire mesh are then put under mechanical pressure in high temperature furnace.

The sintered wire mesh can go into the next process, the cooling process, in this process the surface of the sintered wire mesh will get rigid, the contact points of the different layer will be bonded firmly. Through the heat and pressure, the sintered wire mesh can resist the high pressure, the extreme heat and the strong impact.


The sintered wire mesh also can be made into other related products. The sintered wire mesh can be cut into disc, plate, cartridge, cone shape. Compared with the traditional filter material, the sintered filter has more advantages, such as high mechanical strength, high permeability, low pressure drop, wide range of filtration rating, easy to backwash. Thus it can be used in many industry, where the filter need to work in the harsh environment. It can be re-used after cleaning. Thus it is a cost-effective product.

The Type B sintered wire mesh filter is sintered by several layers of plain-woven square mesh. Because of the large opening ratio, the sintered mesh possesses good permeability, small resistance but large flow.


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