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The Features of Sintered Wire Mesh

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The Sintered wire mesh has been widely used in the filteration process, especially in the oil and gas filteration.

The sintered wire mesh has the extremely strong stability. The sinter process ensures the differernt layers of the wire mesh are strongly bonded with each layers. In this way, the filter are more suitable for the materials that require high percentage of open areas or that require a precise pore size.And it’s marvelous strength can resist the high-pressure backwashing, the punctures and abrasuons.

SS-Sintered-Metal-Powder-Filter 1

The utilization of the sintered wire mesh is pretty high. Cause it has the high durability and is easy to clean. It can be used for many applications without the wear and tear. It can maintain a high quality for long time and performance.

With the suitable machine, the sintered wire mesh can be cut into the diffreent size, thus it can be used in different types of depth filter media and other other devices that requires controlled permeability. There are normally 5 types weave wire mesh, the sintered wire mesh can combine these meshes together. The different conminations can make different filteration and flow properties.

According to these features, the sintered wire mesh can be applied in many indutries.


The oil and gas industry, the wire mesh can efficiebtly filter out the sand and numerous impurities. As for the fluidization industry, the sintered wire mesh can work under the extreme enviroment, such as high enviroment and corrosion enviroments. In the power generation, the sintered wire mesh filter can be used in the reactor water cleanup and fuel pool cleanup. It can also lower the operating costs in condensate filter and polishing systems. It can also used in many other industries like, catalyst recovery, steam filteration, polymer filteration, demineralizing and etc,.

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