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Standard Sintered Metals mesh

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Standard Sintered Metals mesh according to the need to choose different thickness, flat netting may be a layer or layer.Due to perforated plate, composite net compressive strength and high mechanical strength. To ensure roundness and flat, Perforated plate sintered wire mesh filter cartridge is sintered after using rolling seam welding process and the method of correction weld, it can make the overall look more beautiful.

Standard Sintered Metals mesh

Standard Sintered Metals mesh Materials: Hot dipped galvanized stainless steel

Standard Sintered Metals mesh Features:

1. Punctured metal work channel tube has imperviousness to rust and erosion safe
2. Punctured metal work channel tube is strong and acceptable quality
3. Punctured metal work channel tube is hard wearing, and simple to wash for reuse
4. Punctured metal work channel tube is strong and acceptable quality

Standard Sintered Metals mesh is generally used in fittings, turbines and heat exchanges use in the piping system,extremely high dirt removal capability.

Standard Sintered Metals mesh

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