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Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

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Stainless Steel Coffee Filter is a reusable espresso channel for singular cups, little espresso pots, or glass containers. It has a non-slip grasp around the base edge to guarantee durability when put on a mug or pot. The wire work espresso channel sifter will never rust on the grounds that the channel is made of 316L treated steel. It additionally doesn't trap any of the common espresso oils, leaving you with the best, most delectable coffee.No more paper channels! Paper channels deny you of the fundamental oils that are separated from your ground espresso. With the treated steel wire work espresso channel sifter , you can get the entirety of the flavor and taste from your espresso. The reusable espresso channel is so fine, it doesn't feel like metal. Or maybe, it seems like smooth and velvety like a fine texture.

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter materials: Hot dipped galvanized stainless steel

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter surface treatments: smooth and neat.

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter features: ISO9000 certifications

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter applications:

coffee filter.

Oil & gas filter.


Chemical industry.

kitchen & Food filter.


Polymer filtration.


Enery & Nuclear.

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