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Sintered wire mesh filter

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Sintered wire mesh filter is made of sintered work in the wake of cutting, accuracy welded sintered channel. The main purpose of Sintered felt channel component is that countless high-exactness welding is utilized. To guarantee roundness and level, Sintered wire work channel cartridge is sintered subsequent to utilizing moving crease welding measure and the strategy for revision weld, it can make the general look more wonderful. Principle channel mechanism of sintered channel components is five-layer sintered wire material, channel rating is structure 1 to 200 micron. Five-layer sintered wire material comprises of five layers of hardened steel work, which are sintered together in vacuum.

Sintered wire mesh filter

Sintered wire mesh filter Materials: Galvanized stainless steel.

Sintered wire mesh filter Features: good quality with ISO9000, rust resistant, roit resistant, etc.

Sintered wire mesh filter Applications:

Petrochemical, petroleum refining
Pharmaceutical and food refining or cycling
Catalytic recycling

Sintered wire mesh filter

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