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Custom Sintered Wire Mesh

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Custom Sintered Wire Mesh is extraordinary calendering and sintering in vacuum broiler, to make another channel material with high quality and inflexibility, its joined work frames a uniform and ideal filtration structure. What's more, the micron rate can be altered, with choosing diverse separating layer, anyway dutch wire work or square work.
sintered multi-layer metal work is made out of overlaid layers of wire fabric boned extraordinary canlendering and sintering in vacuum oven,to make another channel material with higher quality and rigidity.Its interweaved work frames a uniform and ideal filtration structure.As another channel material ,it not just beats the burdens of normal metal mesh,such as lower strength,poor rigidity,unstable opening shapes,but has brilliant exhibitions, for example, high accuracy and strength,efficient stream restriction,mechanical and protection from abrasion,heat and cold by sensibly orchestrating its porosity,permeability and strength.Therefore ,its all out presentation has clearly favorable circumstances than sintered powder,ceramic,fiber cloth,other channel material.


Custom Sintered Wire Mesh application:
distribution and cooling material in high temperature.
material utilized for gas appropriation and fludization bed.
material requiring high precision,stable execution in high temperature.
high weight discharged oil channel.

Custom Sintered Wire Mesh features:

Standard material:SUS316L,SUS304
Available size:≤1200×1000mm
Filtration ration:1-300um
Special size are accessible on demand.
Focal points of Sintered Mesh
High quality and solidness since high temperature sintering;

Anti-consumption, and warmth obstruction up to 480℃;
Steady channel rating from the 1micron to 100 micron;
Filter work difficult to disfigure on account of two defensive layers;
Can utilized for uniform filtration in high weight or high consistency climate;
Suits for cutting, twisting, punching, extending, and welding.
Fundamental items we gave, 5-Layer/7-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh, Dutch Woven Sintered Wire Mesh, Perforated Metal Sintered Wire Mesh, Plain Sintered Square Woven Wire Mesh, Sintered Filter Elements, Sintered Mesh Filter Cartridges, Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Disk, Sintered Wire Mesh Laminates, Sintered Wire Mesh channel tube.

Custom Sintered Wire Mesh surface treatments: silky smooth and neat

Custom Sintered Wire Mesh

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