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Hebei Sinter Filter Technic Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer that focuses on the production of stainless steel sintered wire mesh and various filter elements. Located in Anping county, known as the "Wire Screen Industrial Base," the company benefits from abundant stainless steel wire resources and a favorable geographical location with convenient transportation.

The company utilizes advanced vacuum sintering equipment and technology to manufacture multi-layer sintered wire mesh with different structures and specifications. They also produce a wide range of filter elements using sintered wire mesh. These products find extensive applications in industries such as petroleum, chemical, water treatment, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, and food and beverage.

Hebei Sinter Filter Technic Co., Ltd places great importance on quality control and has implemented advanced management practices. They obtained ISO9001:2008 certification for their quality management system in September 2011. This certification ensures that the company consistently delivers high-quality products to their customers.

The company has earned a good reputation both domestically and internationally due to its commitment to producing top-quality products. They have established strong business relationships with customers from countries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Australia, Israel, Brazil, and more.

With their dedication to quality, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and wide customer base, Hebei Sinter Filter Technic Co., Ltd continues to thrive in the global market as a trusted supplier of stainless steel sintered wire mesh and filter elements.

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