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Sintered Wire Mesh

Manufactured with technical precision and uniformly woven (or calendered) with an industrial roller, sintered mesh is laminated in a furnace under heavy-duty mechanical weight. The product becomes sintered (diffusion bonded) under high-temperature inert gas inside the furnace, meaning the individual wires and each adjacent layer of the mesh bond to each other. Once it has cooled in a controlled environment, sintered wire mesh is rigid and completely flat as a finished product. The manufacturer will then conduct the final cleaning, inspection, and certification process.

Sintered Wire Mesh Features & Uses

With non-fraying fused wires made up of one, two, or five woven layers, stainless steel sintered mesh is an exceptionally strong and versatile product that can be used for sub-micron filtration. It is able to withstand high pressure while maintaining a steady filter rating and can be used for a number of devices and parts, including:

Diffuser screens
Breather vents
Fluidized beds
Polymer, petrochemical, nutsche, and hydraulic filters

Sintered mesh doesn’t require any internal support, which makes the product notably durable and easy to clean. It can be welded, punched, cut, bent, and fabricated to fit a diverse range of machines and devices for numerous applications.

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh is resistant to:

Extremely high temperatures
Heavy mechanical pressure
Hydraulic pressure

This multifaceted, sturdy material is suitable for use in many industries and devices. However, we encourage our customers to determine which mesh products will satisfy their specific needs.

Sintered Wire Mesh Material
When stainless steel mesh is sintered through thermal diffusion bonding, it doesn’t require any additional alloys, fillers, or bonding agents. The sintered mesh is made from stainless steel T316 (Type 316), which can withstand temperatures of up to 1500 °F. Due to its structural integrity, the material can add immense value to many types of commercial and industrial production.

Weave Types & Sizing Options
The sintered wire mesh comes in non-fraying fused weaves and is available in several widths, thicknesses, micron ratings, and layer options, including one, two, three, and five-ply. It can be cut into sheets, rectangles, and other shapes of varying dimensions, including filter discs.

To cut the single-layer sintered mesh, use fine scissors or shears. For two or more layers, light-duty tin snips should be used. To ensure the unique needs of your projects are met, TWP Inc. also provides highly accurate wire mesh laser cutting services and can cut the material into specific sizes or shapes for your application.

Sintered Wire Mesh
At Sinter Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best wire mesh products and cutting services in the industry. In addition to highly stable and resistant stainless steel sintered mesh, we carry other mesh types and materials including galvanized, welded, PTFE coated, decorative, aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper.

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