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Purchase Precautions Of Sintered Wire Mesh

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Sintered wire mesh is a new kind of metal filter, with the advantages of stable filtration accuracy, good pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and processability. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, machinery and other fields. 

Therefore, the purchase of a good quality sintered wire mesh is directly related to the benefit of production. So pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing:

1. Material selection

The kinds of  sintered wire mesh materials are different, each of them has its own features and scope of use, so you must choose according to your actual situation.

2. Is it convenient to clean

Since it is very necessary to clean the sintered wire mesh regularly in industry and life, whether the sintered wire mesh has the advantage of easy cleaning is directly related to the progress and benefits of production. The cleaning methods of sintered wire mesh include backwashing, reverse water, filtrate, ultrasonic, dissolving, baking and so on. Among them, the two commonly used methods are: backwashing and ultrasonic cleaning. 

3. Selection of the type of sintered mesh

Sintered wire meshes are classified according to different levels and wire mesh structures, mainly including five-layer sintered mesh, multilayer metal sintered mesh, punched plate sintered mesh, square hole sintered mesh and mat-type sintered mesh. 


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