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Is Sintered Wire Mesh Stronger?

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We offer various types of Sintered Mesh like 5-layer Sintered Mesh,ABCD Type. Sintered wire mesh is stronger and has clear advantages over non-sintered wire mesh in many aspects. Due to its washability and reusability, it is more durable, efficient and environmentally friendly. Woven wire mesh can be stacked in multiple layers and molecularly bonded together through a sintering process, resulting in a highly controlled, highly permeable material suitable for making better filter discs and cutting pieces. 

The quality of sintered wire cloth makes it the best choice for mesh discs and other mesh-made filters that require fine filtration capabilities and high mechanical strength. Sintered wire mesh is made by laminating different layers of woven wire mesh and offers several advantages over non-sintered wire mesh. 

Regular wire mesh can filter very fine particles as small as 1 micron, but the finest wire mesh is also very fragile, almost like a piece of paper. If a lot of pressure is applied in a filtration situation, they can be easily damaged or destroyed, just as easily as a piece of paper can be punctured. Sintering a fine mesh with multiple layers of coarser, stronger woven mesh for support allows you to retain the fine filtering capabilities of the mesh while increasing the strength and pressure resistance of the coarse mesh, all in one in the whole. The sintering heat treatment process also makes the silk cloth ductile, annealable and formable. It increases tensile strength as well as thermal and electrical conductivity. 


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