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What are the technical parameters of stainless steel pleated filter?

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The stainless steel pleated filter is a filter that uses single-layer or multi-layer stainless steel woven mesh as the main filter material. The sealing surface of the filter element adopts argon arc welding process, and the filter layer is processed by 3-5 layers of stainless steel mesh. The filter layer is from inside to outside with two layers reinforced, the middle is the actual control filter layer, and the seams are welded by argon arc to form a complete filter element, which will not leak in the whole with no medium shedding. The filter material stainless steel woven mesh is a kind of filter made of different diameter stainless steel wires. After the stainless steel pleated filter is welded, strict post-processing and parameter testing are required.

The main technical parameters of the stainless steel pleated filter:

1. The maximum working temperature: ≤650°C

2. Filtration accuracy: 1-200um

3. Working pressure: 0.1-30MPa

4. Filter element specifications: 2-40 inches (customize according to user requirements)

5. Stainless steel pleated filter interface form: 222, 226, 215, M36, M28, M24, M22, M20 threaded interface, other specifications can be customized according to the diagram.

The characteristics of stainless steel pleated filter are: high porosity, good air permeability, small resistance, and low pressure loss; after being folded, the filter area is large and the dirt holding capacity is large; stainless steel is prevented from high temperature and corrosion, which is suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration; in addition, it can be used repeatedly after chemical cleaning, high temperature and ultrasonic cleaning.

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