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What Is Sintered Wire Mesh?

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Basically the sintered wire mesh have 5 layers of wire mesh.Through the process, like rolling, pressurizing, and vacuum sintering, the wire meshes are formed into a whole product.

sintered wire mesh

To produce the sintered wire mesh first, the workers has to put the wire meshes together,and roll all these 5 layers tightly fitted.And the workers have to pay attention to the cross point,in case, when the products are being used, it would be flash away.

When we have assured that the wire meshes are tightly placed, the workers will put it into a heating furnace. The heating furnace is filled with particular inert gases.When the temperature reaches the sintered point, the surface of the wire mesh would join together.The sintered filter is formed.

In the last, the sintered wire mesh can enter the cooling procedure, the filter can gain good rigidity.

And for each layers,they all have their specific function. The first layer is the protective layer. The second layer is the control layer. The third layer is dispersion layer. The forth layer is reinforcing layer. The last layer is also reinforcing layer. All these five layers ensure you have the high quality products.


The sintered wire mesh can be made into Cylindrical Filter Element, Filter Disc, Catcher, Conical Filter Element and Centrifugal Clarifier.


sintered filter

And all these sintered wire mesh can be customized.

If you need these products, please contact us immediately.

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