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The introduction and superiority of the sintered wire mesh

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Sintered Wire Mesh is made from multiple layers of woven wire mesh panels together through a sintering process. This process combines heat and pressure, permanently bonding multi-layers of meshes all together. The same physical process utilized to fuse individual wires together within a layer of wire mesh can also be used to fuse adjacent layers of meshes together. 

This creates a unique material furnished with outstanding mechanical properties, which is an ideal material for purification and filtration. It may be from 5, 6 or 7 layers of wire meshes. What's more, we can get a six-layer sintered wire mesh that possesses the higher anti-pressure ability if we add one layer of 12 mesh to the 5-layer sintered wire mesh.

Sintered Wire Mesh     Sintered Wire Mesh

The sintered stainless steel wire mesh panels are made up from several different layers of sintered wire meshes. They are combined and sintered together through the process of vacuum sintering, compressing and rolling, then forming a porous sinter mesh. Sintered wire meshes have many superiorities compared with other filter meshes. There are some examples below.

High strength and prominent durability since high temperature sintering.

Anti-corrosion and heat resistance can be up to 480 °C.

Stable filters are rating from the 1 micron to 100 micron.

Sintered filter meshes are not easy to deform because of two protective layers.

It can adopted for uniform filtration in high pressure or high viscosity environment.

They are suitable for cutting, bending, punching, stretching and welding.

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