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How does Sintered Wire Mesh function?

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Sintered Wire Mesh is mostly laminated by multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh by the process of “sintering”. Multiple layers sintered wire mesh is one of the most standard sintered meshes. It is made of layers of stainless steel woven mesh after flattening and vacuum high temperature sintering.

The sintered metal layer has support layer and filter layer. The thickness of layers of sintered wire meshes, the filtration accuracy, the aperture size, and the width and length can be adjusted according to actual use requirements customize. This process therefore produces a variety of filter materials with different mechanical properties.

Sintered Wire Mesh     Sintered Wire Mesh

Main benefits of sintered wire mesh

Sintered mesh using in general filtration as filter mesh and as support in separation system. The sintered wire mesh has a stable structure and high mechanical properties, and is particularly suitable for high pressure and mild filtration environment. It is a filter product reusable after cleaning.

Diversity: the sintered mesh sintering by single layer and also multiple layers. The multi-layer sintered mesh offers more possibilities for high-intensity and abusive use environments.

Stable Structure: the sintered mesh has good sculpture and a firm structure, and the filtration precision can be maintained in a stable state. Therefore, the sintered mesh filtered product has a stable product quality.

Reusable: Therefore, the original filter made by it will save the cost of component replacement in long-term use.

No wire loose: Sintered mesh secures all wire in the filters, so the structure is more stable, there will be no loose wire shedding. So that it is more suitable for small parts as well as special shaped filter products.

Sintered Mesh is widely used in filters and dryers, pressure filtration and centrifuges to filter high viscosity fluids. It is suitable for use in the following environments but not limited to. What's more, it is especially suitable for continuous and automated operation. It is any kind of filter material. 

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