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Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge

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Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge is made by dispersion reinforced or sintered metal miniature filaments with high porosity. Treated steel fiber cartridges are well known options because of its high-temperature and destructive obstruction and synthetic security. So as to expand filtration, creased fiber channel cartridges are broadly utilized in surface and profundity filtrations. For a predominant mechanical quality and on-stream life, metal felt channel media is constantly upheld by wire networks or punctured cylinders.
Our organization has created various arrangements to take care of various filtration issues. Metal fiber channel cartridge with single layer is intended for basic difficulty like stream, with twofold layer is for surface filtration and multi-layer for profundity filtration. Our R&D group is acceptable at taking care of your particular filtration issues and can plan various plans for you or your client' decision.
Metal fiber felt cartridge can be partitioned into creased and plain fiber cartridge channel as per the design of the sintered fiber felt media. Then again, it very well may be grouped into barrel shaped with sleeves and cartridge with associations.

Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge

Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge materials:

hot dipped galvanized stainless steel

Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge patterns:


Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge applications:

  • Hydraulic oil.

  • Toxic or hazardous fluids.

  • High viscosity fluids.

  • Electronic grade liquids & gases.

  • Corrosive liquids & gases.

  • High differential pressure.

Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge surface treatments:

smooth and neat

Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge features:

  • High dirt holding capacity.

  • Excellent on-stream life.

  • High porosity &high flow rates.

  • Ideal for high pressure, highly corrosive or radioactive applications.

  • Low pressure drop.

  • Ease of cleaning.

  • Available for surface or depth filtration.

  • Pleated construction increases filtration area.

Sintered Metal Fibre Cartridge

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