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SS904L Duplex stee 2205 filter for sea water self-cleaning machine

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Filter Assembly General Description (Figure 1)
The A200 SERIES self-cleaning filter enables high quality filtration from grades of 1-3000 micron from various types of fluid sources such as sewage, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and wells. 

The A200 SERIES filter contains the following parts:

1. Inlet

6. Electric motor

2. Coarse Screen

7. Cleaning chamber

3. Fine Screen

8. Dirt collector axis

4. Suction nozzle

9. Outlet

5. Flushing Valve


Figure 1  Filter Assembly


Filter Operation General Description (Figure 1)
Water enters the filter through an “Inlet”  and passes through the coarse screen  that functions as a “first stop” for rough particles. Water then reaches the fine screen , which further purifies the flow by separating smaller particles from the water. As more water flows through, impurities build up on the fine screen . As impurities on the screen accumulate, a pressure imbalance is built up between the internal section of the fine screen and its external section. 
Cleaning Process

Cleaning of the screen is performed once the pressure loss (ΔP) across the filter has reached the preset value [up to 1.0 bar (14.5 psi)].

The filter is equipped with a  that protects the from stones and larger particles.

The flushing valve opens and pressure in the flushing chamber and the dirt collector is significantly lowered resulting in a suction process via the suction nozzles to the dirt collector and from there through the flushing valve outside. The electric motor simultaneously rotates the dirt collector and moves it along its axis. The combination of the vertical movement and rotation guarantees that the suction nozzles will cover the entire internal screen surface, efficiently cleaning the screen. The whole process takes 12-18 seconds. With clean and filtered water flowing through the “Outlet”.

During the whole process water supply is uninterrupted.

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