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The sintered metal mesh filter adopts sintered stainless steel fiber felt, has high-pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, it also has good air permeability, high dirty holding capacity and long-life service time, can repeat use by clean, is the ideal filter element for petroleum, chemical and synthetic fiber industries.
Product Feature
Standard sintered mesh structures consist of protection layer, precision control layer, disperse layer and multi-layer reinforced layer.

After high strength metal mesh sintering, have highest mechanical strength and anti-pressure strength.

As adopt surface filter structure of best backwash cleanness effect, easy to clean.
Product Specification / Models
Media:SS wire mesh;Stainless steel sheet, Hastloy , Duplex 2507,904L ,

Diameter (mm): 500x1000mm, 600x1200 mm, 1000x1000 mm, 1200x1200 mm 1200x1500 mm 

Accuracy (µm):1~2000µm

Application / Models
All kinds of high temperature, catalyst , corrosive liquid filtration for petrochemical industry.

All kinds of melt polymer filtration in chemical fiber film fields

high pressure backwashing oil purifier

All kinds of catalyst filtering separation for Pharmaceutical Industry

Gas distribution, liquid Bed orifice plate material

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