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Various types of Sintered Wire Mesh

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Relying on quality control measures and advanced technology, the sintered wire mesh produced by our company has been welcomed by customers from all over the world. Our products can be mainly divided into 4 types, namely type A to D Sintered Wire Mesh.

Type A Sintered Wire Mesh

Type A refers to the 5-layer sintered wire mesh, which is a standard and most commonly used type of sintered wire mesh. These layers generally consist of SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L. This kind of product has the characteristics of good strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and easy processing.

Type B Sintered Wire Mesh

This type is made by sintering multiple layers of plain weave square woven mesh together. It is useful for polymer production, as well as a variety of fluid and air filtration applications.

Type C Sintered Wire Mesh

Type C, also known as Perforated Metal Sintered Wire Mesh, is made by sintering the perforated metal with multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh. This type has very high press-resistance and mechanical strength. It can be processed into various filters: tube, disc and sheet. 

Type D Sintered Wire Mesh

Dutch woven sintered mesh is an important type sintered metal filter. It is made by sintering 2 to 3 layers of plain Dutch woven wire mesh together. Type D has evenly spaced openings and steady air permeability to flow.

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