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Tooling and welding process of sintered mesh

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At first, how to choose high quality stainless steel sintered mesh filter?

The stainless steel sintered mesh filter is made of porous filter material. It intercepts the solid particles in the system medium through surface interception and curved hole adsorption, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the medium. At the same time, the retained solid particles block the medium channel of the filter, which increases the pressure difference at both ends of the filter. When the pressure difference reaches its limit, the filter cannot continue to work and needs to be replaced. Thus ,we can know that the filter is a consumable part in the system.

1. The current status of the detection medium cleanliness

2. Provide detailed information on the original filter

3. Data collection for samples and samples of relevant products; and the original production drawing of the product, the name of the manufacturer (company), the original model of the product, etc.

4. Understand the relevant situation of the filter element:

The installation position; Technical parameters of the system; Flow, working pressure, working temperature, working medium

5. Filter element material

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