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Type D Sintered Wire Solution for Precise Filtration

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The Type D Sintered Wire Mesh's engineered structure and dependable characteristics make it a valuable component in industrial settings where controlled porosity and steady air permeability are crucial for optimal performance and efficiency.

The Type D Sintered Wire Mesh serves several important functions in various industrial applications:

  1. Filtration: The layered structure of the Type D Sintered Wire Mesh creates a controlled porosity that is effective in filtering particles of specific sizes. This makes it suitable for applications where fine particle filtration is necessary, such as in laboratories, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

  2. Uniform Air Permeability: The vacuum sintering process ensures consistent and controlled air permeability across the mesh. This property is advantageous in applications like fluidized beds, where even airflow distribution is crucial for proper material processing.

  3. Powder Transport: The Type D Sintered Wire Mesh's controlled pore size and steady air permeability make it suitable for powder transport systems. It prevents the loss of fine powders and allows for controlled movement, ensuring efficient and accurate material transfer.

This unique mesh structure has a range of applications, making it a versatile solution in various industries. It finds use in scenarios such as powder transport, where the mesh's controlled pore size aids in efficient and precise movement of powdered substances. Additionally, its properties make it suitable for laboratory fluid beds, driers, and coolers, enhancing processes involving air or gas flow.

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