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Type C sintered wire mesh screens in filtration

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Type C sintered wire mesh pack screens are a type of filtration element that combines perforated plates with woven mesh and sintered wire mesh. These screens are designed for various industrial applications where efficient filtration and separation are required. Here are some key features and applications of Type C sintered wire mesh pack screens:


1. **Combination Design:** Type C screens consist of multiple layers, with the outer layers typically made of woven wire mesh, followed by perforated plates, and inner layers of sintered wire mesh. This layered design provides enhanced filtration capabilities.

2. **High Filtration Efficiency:** The combination of woven mesh, perforated plates, and sintered wire mesh allows for the removal of particles and impurities of varying sizes, providing high filtration efficiency.

3. **Durability:** These screens are designed to withstand high temperatures, corrosive environments, and mechanical stress, making them durable and long-lasting.


1. **Oil and Gas Industry:** Type C screens are used in the oil and gas industry for filtration and separation processes, including the removal of solids and impurities from drilling fluids and natural gas.

2. **Chemical Processing:** They find applications in the chemical industry for filtering and separating chemicals, catalyst recovery, and purification processes.

3. **Pharmaceuticals:** Type C screens are utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing for sterile filtration and clarification of liquids and gases.

4. **Food and Beverage:** These screens are employed in the food and beverage industry for filtering and clarifying liquids, such as juices, beer, and dairy products.

5. **Water Treatment:** They can be used in water treatment plants for removing contaminants and particulate matter from water sources.

6. **Aerospace:** Type C screens are used in aerospace applications, including fuel and hydraulic fluid filtration in aircraft.

7. **Petrochemical Industry:** They play a crucial role in the petrochemical industry for refining and processing applications.

Type C sintered wire mesh pack screens are versatile filtration elements that offer excellent performance in a wide range of industries and applications. Their customizable design makes them suitable for various filtration tasks, and they are known for their efficiency and durability in demanding environments.

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