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The Difference Between Sintered Mesh Filter And Sintered Metal Filter

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The sintered mesh filter is combined of 5 layers of the plain-woven square mesh. The mutiple layers of the wire meshes were sintered together in the vaccum working space. The sintering process can make the sintered filter possess high machanical strength. The sintered filter does not only have the solid structure but also have the rust resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and back-cleaning. Due to the opening-ratio of the mesh, it has the precise filteration accuracy. The filtration granularity can vary from 2 to 200um. Generally speaking, the sintered mesh filter has the heat resistance, it can work from -200 degrees to 650 degrees.


The sintered metal filter is a round shape of metal powder, and sintered by a special process.It has the good penetration performance and high filtration accuracy. As well as a certain strength and toughness. Compared to the tradtional filter material, the sintered metal filter has better filter performance. It can be easily clean. The sintered metal filter is usually made of stainless steel powder, bronze powder, nickel powder and titanium powder. Besides in the high temperature, the alloy powder and other customizable can be used as well. The sintered metal filter has the strong chemical stability, the acid and alkali resistance. It also has teh high filteration accuracy. The filteration efficiency can reach 0.1 to 100um. The stable filteration performance and the high utilization makes it a cost-effective product. It won’’t react with bacteria or microorganism. The microparticles of the sintered metal filter wouldn’t fall off, thus it won’t cause the secondary pollution in the filtering process.

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