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The Application In the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The filtration system for the chemical industry is important. The filtration system is used for capture and contain contaminants and other debris while allowing the desired liquid to pass through.

There are various kinds of the filter cartridges, like the magnetic filters, bag filters, self-cleaning filters, filter membranes, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and etc,. Different filter types come with different advantages and disadvantages, so understanding the filter types and how they work is important before choosing a filter.


Today I’m gonna introduce you the magnetic filters.

Among the pharmaceutical industry, the magnetic filters are normally used for the liquid medicine. The magnetic filters are useful to purify the liquid material. Magnetic filters are most frequently used to remove iron particles from liquid media. When the magnetic filters capture the enough particles up to its capacity, the filter can be removed, cleaned and refused.

There are reasons why the magnetic filters are so welcomed. First of all, the magnetic filters is environmentally friendly. The metal contamination can be recycled, thus it can reduce the disposal costs. When the filter media becomes full, it can be cleaned manually, cutting down on running costs.The flow rate has no relation to the magnetic filter capacity. Even if filter becomes full, pressure drop within the system is not an issue. Magnetic filters are able to remove contaminants less than one micron in size.

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