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Sintered mesh laminates

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Sintered mesh laminate is classified to porous material with high strength. Sintered filter mesh is made of stainless steel or other alloys. Single layer or multiple layers of woven sintered wire meshes are permanently bonded together by an unique diffusion-bonded technique. Compared with ancient wire mesh, Sintered filter mesh provides a lot of further edges like stability and mechanical strength. Therefore, sintered wire mesh is widely constructed as a filter medium in many industries.


According to the quantity of layers, sintered filter mesh can be divided into two series: single layer sintered mesh laminate and multiple layer sintered mesh laminate.


Single layer sintered mesh laminate

As is known to us all, a single layer woven sintered wire mesh has some shortcomings although it is used in a wide range of applications, the mesh has a tendency to fray at the perimeters, and wires could shift among the weave, that successively changes the complete structure, conjointly effects the filter rating because its pore size has been compromised.



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