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Sintered Mesh Filter Basics

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The sintered mesh filter can effectively solve the problems of large flow resistance, easy deformation, low strength, short service life and low product quality of the existing filter. The stainless steel sintered mesh filter consists of a stainless steel mesh and a peripheral edge.


The stainless steel mesh consists of a five-layer stainless steel mesh that is alternately stacked and sintered at a 45° angle. The sintered mesh filter is divided into five layers, a protective layer, a filter layer, a separation layer, a reinforcing layer and a support layer.


Below the protective layer is a filter layer. There has a split layer between the support layer and  filter layer. The support layer of the sintered filter has a reinforcing layer thereon, and the periphery of each layer is integrally formed by the edges.


Sintered mesh filter

Classified by number of layers: five-layer sintered mesh

Classified by material: SUS316L

Classified by use: food and drug filtration

Classified by industry: food and drug


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