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Multi-connected cylinder style back-flushing filter

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There are many pipe orifices are parallel connected by many filter units. During the filter process, either single or multi filter units can be cleaned filter cake in place or replace the filter elements.

This filter is back-flushing and can be non-dismantling, there is continuous liquid supply during maintenance, the set of multi-connection is combined according to the rate of flow and precision, it is easily dismounting, there is no partial constraint, user can choose either manual or automatic operation to achieve high filter efficiency, this filter is the best choose for user to invest. 

It is possible to choose the multi-link operation according to the user's technology condition to meet the special requirements.

Technical data

Operation Pressure:Bar (G)


Operation Temperature:


Backflushing Pressure:Bar(G)


Allow Pressure Drop:Bar(G)


Filter media

 Pretreated water

Filter rating::micron

Mix 0.5


industrial water; ballast water factory;Environmental circulation water



304;316L;hastelloy C-22;hastelloyC-276,;Duplex steel 2205;SS904L


Flow rate

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