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More information of Type A Sintered Wire Mesh

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In accordance with its own structure, fivelayers of the stainless steel sintered wire meshes are combining and then sintered together in the vacuum sintered equipment which constitutes the Type A Sintered Wire Mesh. On account of the wide range and steady accuracy of the filter rating, especially two protective layers, the mesh of the layer is not easy to deform.

The support of fourth and fifth layers makes it have higher resistance to pressure and mechanical strength. And it also possesses heat resistance up to the 480℃. For Type A Sintered Wire Meshes, it is very easy to wash, especially to reverse wash, by virtue of adopting the surface layer filtration material.

The Type A Sintered Wire Mesh     The type A part

Sintered Wire Mesh named Type A is widely utilized in the filtration of liquid and gas, which is also applied in many industries, such as the petrifaction, polyester, pharmacy, food and beverage and water treatment. 

Mainly applied in drying and filtration in the pharmacy industry, we can process it in split and integral type. The minimum diameter we can deal can be up to 3000mm. In pharmacy industry, the type A mesh is adopted to intercept the powder particle in the dry gas and reduce the loss of the powder and air pollution. 

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