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Weaving Methods Of Sintered Wire Mesh

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As a new type of filter equipment, sintered wire mesh is sintered from multi-component metal woven wire mesh, so it has rigidity and high mechanical properties. What is the weaving technique of sintered mesh?

There are weaving methods of sintered wire mesh:


Plain Drid Structure: The stainless steel sintered wire mesh forms square or rectangular openings, and the hole width of the mesh is approximately equal to the diameter of the wire. This woven wire mesh has sufficient strength within 10 to 60 mesh, and the filter mesh of finer mesh has lower strength.


Twill (or flat twill): Thicker metal wires can be used under a given number of holes to increase the strength of the mesh. Of course, the holes are small. If necessary, the number of wefts can be appropriately reduced to form rectangular holes.

Twill Dutch Weave: Divided into twill double Dutch weave and twill single Dutch weave, the holes or channels are slit-shaped or triangular, which can retain the finest particles to 1pm. Twill double Dutch has a tight weft and almost complete coverage of the warp.

Plain Dutch Weave: The warp is thick and the weft is very thin, forming a triangular hole, that is, not a "straight channel", and the hole diameter is 15-340/tm. The mesh of this tissue is strong, tight, and strong, and can have relatively low pressure losses at higher throughput rates. It is also possible to use two warp threads instead of one warp thread, the strength of the wire mesh is greater, or the holes are smaller (for example, less than 40/-m); it is also possible to use more fine weft threads to make the medium filtration rate. The capacity is also large.

Reverse Plain Dutch Weave: The organization of the plain Dutch weave is the same, except that the weft is thicker or the warp is thinner. The retention particle size can be as small as 8pm. The anti-Dutch pattern improves the strength of the filter screen, is easy to clean, has a large flow rate, and has a strong retention capacity.


TRD-twill Reverse Dutch Weave: The stainless steel sintered mesh adopts the same method as the reverse plain Dutch weave, but the weft diameter is twice that of the twill weft, the flow rate is large, the pressure drop is small, but the retained particles are large.



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