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Perforated Metal Sintered Wire Mesh

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Do you know about perforated metal sintered wire meshes? This kand of sintered wire mesh is  composed of a standard material punching plate (round holes or square holes) and several layers of square mesh (or dense mesh). It has both the great breathability of the woven mesh, and the mechanical strength of the Perforated plate.

The perforated metal sintered wire meshes not only have great breathability, but also havethe feratures of low pressure difference, high precision, and more excellent anti-cleaning. They have been widely applied in water treatment, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features of sintered wire meshes

1. Easy to process and shape, good weldability;

2.The sintered mesh has great operability and convenient process adjustment;

3.It can flow in a gradient smaller than the quiet angle, and some powders can flow against the gradient;

4.The sintered mesh transfers mass and heat, with good fluidization effect, high efficiency and low energy consumption.



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