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Stainless steel pleated filter

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Stainless steel filter applications in various industries:

1. Application range of mesh filters in water quality

Stainless steel pleated filter main application industries: filtration of debris such as sand, algae and large particle pollutants in raw water such as river water and well water; filtration of wastewater generated in the production process of steel, aquaculture and electronic technology industries.


2. Application scope of stainless steel filter in pharmaceutical technology: Main Stainless steel pleated filter application areas: Filtration and purification of crystallization industry, filtration of medicinal syrup, removal of activated carbon particles in pharmaceutical industry, recovery of recyclable catalysts, recovery of active materials added during synthesis of pharmaceuticals, etc.


3. The scope of application of mesh filters in food and beverage

Stainless steel pleated filter main application areas: filtration of liquid food and beverage before filling; filtration of suspended solids and sediments in liquid beverages; removal of impurities and clarification of beer and jelly; removal of impurities in various food production processes; soybean oil, Oil oil such as sunflower oil is filtered and decolorized by sugar.

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