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Sintered wire mesh filter

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1. Application range of mesh filters in petrochemical industry

Sintered wire mesh filter main application areas: oil, gasoline, aerospace kerosene and other oil filtration; separation of extracted polymer; cooling water, industrial circulating water, oil well water injection filtration; recovery of filtration catalyst.

2. Application range of sintered filter in paper printing and dyeing

Sintered wire mesh filter main application areas: impurities in various printing and dyeing and rinsing liquids, as well as filtration and impurity removal in the production of printing and dyeing and rinsing processes; impurities in liquid water such as raw water, heat exchange water, sealed cooling tower water used in papermaking industry, and paper production Filtration of added raw materials, reagents, reaction polymers, and the like.

3. Application range of sintered wire mesh filters in fine chemicals

Mesh filter main application areas: agglomerates and magazines in filter gel coatings, filter impurities in the adhesive, filter agglomerates in the mixed solution after filtration, filter fibers and gels in inks, resins and coatings.

4. Application range of mesh filters in industrial manufacturing

Sintered filter main application areas: Automotive phosphating solution removal, plating solution filtration, precious metal recovery filtration, cooling water circulation filtration, lubricating oil filtration, equipment cleaning fluid filtration, ultra-precision grinding oil filtration, cutting fluid filtration, etc.

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