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Sintered Wire Mesh for Scope Application

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As a new type of filter material, sintered wire mesh is derived from the high-tech materials used in aerospace energy in the 1960s. It is mainly used to solve the ablation, heat prevention and divergence of high-temperature gas turbine blades and liquid rocket engine injector panels. The cooling problem has gradually developed into a new type of porous structure and functional material through technical improvements in production and application, which has a good role in maintaining the filtering effect.

Multi-layer sintered wire mesh is a filter material with high mechanical strength and overall rigidity made by using multi-layer metal woven wire mesh and vacuum sintering. The mesh of each layer of the sintered wire mesh filter element is staggered to form a uniform and ideal filter structure. It has excellent filtration accuracy, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability, and its overall performance is significantly better than other types of filter materials.

Scope of application:

1. Used for high-precision, high-reliability and high-temperature filter materials;

2. Used as a dispersive cooling material in high temperature environment;

3. For gas distribution, liquidized bed orifice material;

4. Used for backwashing the oil filter.

Concrete examples:

✔Hydraulic lubrication, self-cleaning and filtering;

✔Pipeline cleaning and filtration in the power industry;

✔Self-cleaning and filtering of circulating water in petrochemical power metallurgical industry.



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