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Sintered Metal Wire Cloth Filters

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Increasingly, multiple layered mesh laminates are now being specified to satisfy the challenges of today's demanding filtration applications. The solutions enable a spread of advantages which regularly quite justify the marginally higher initial cost price, alongside improvements in efficiency and sturdiness .

Sintered Metal Wire Cloth Filters

Based on a couple of years of experience in practice, we offer a spread of ordinary products developed to satisfy the requirements of an honest range of economic applications. However, specific challenges may merit choosing a bespoke solution in terms of both materials and weaving style.

We use only the absolute best quality raw materials for our products. they're produced in dust free, air conditioned plant rooms, using state of the art equipment and highly precise weaving machines, which we've developed ourselves in-house. When combined with our comprehensive control procedures, we'll guarantee the absolute best levels of quality, cleanliness and freedom from defects.

Carefully selected wire cloths are brought together and sintered employing a mixture of heat and pressure. This process effectively combines the benefits offered by each individual layer and facilitates optimum filtration capabilities. Sintered wire cloths produced this way yield the simplest filtration results and are also resistant to physical loading, due to the robust mesh structure. the graceful surfaces also facilitate cleaning processes like backwashing.

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