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Sintered Filter Elements

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Stainless steel pleated filter core adopts polypropylene microporous fiber membrane as filter medium, with high retention efficiency, large flux and large amount of dirt. Other structural materials are polypropylene, with wide chemical compatibility, very low dissolution, use long life.


Sintered filter elements Features:

1.All-polypropylene filter media, the stainless steel pleated filter media meets FDA requirements;

2.Wide chemical compatibility, can withstand PH value 1-14, large circulation, low pressure difference and long service life; 

3.Sintered filter elements with Wide range of filtering accuracy and large selection, which can meet various applications; 

4.Sintered steel pleated filter adopts hot melt process, firm structure and no foreign matter release; 

5.The sintered filter elements can be cleaned by common physical and chemical methods.


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