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Advantages and disadvantages of sintered production process and sintered method

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1. Wide applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

2. Layer sintered mesh is made of interlayer metal braided wire mesh after several special lamination pressing and vacuum sintered processes. It has high mechanical strength and overall rigid structure or a type of miniaturized filter material.

3. Therefore, every two layers of wire mesh and mesh are interlaced with each other in order to form a Gironde ideal filter structure.

4. It is extremely ideal for the filtration of high mechanical properties and filtration accuracy requirements of the enterprise, and is widely used in refining and chemical, nuclear power, resin, film, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and environmental protection industries.

5. Therefore, the two are even used in several fields such as nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, aerospace, food and medicine, metallurgical machinery, and power electronics.

6. The sintered mesh is made of Pteridaceae Osmanthus, for example, several stainless steel braided meshes that are overlapped and placed together. After repeated pressurization and rolling, they are repeatedly vacuum sintered at 1260°C and then diffused and viscous. , the overall rigidity with strong mechanical strength.

7. The sintered process of the sintered mesh is to make several layers of stainless steel metal braided meshes with different structures overlapped and sintered together, and the sintered mesh is cut.

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