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5-layer sintered wire mesh laminate

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Wire mesh is utilized in a spread of the way within the pharmaceutical industry. One example is using sintered wire mesh for pharmaceutical processing.

The 5-layer sintered wire mesh laminate is right to be used in Nutsche filters within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This filter medium has the power to work under a good sort of temperatures and pressures while maintaining it’s opening size. it's excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. and in contrast to other sintered powder filter media, it's the power to be cleaned by backwashing.

sintered wire mesh

Sinter Filter's Agitated Nutsche Filters and Filter Dryers are designed and made with state-of-the-art technology from Mavag AG, Switzerland. These filters operate struggling and/or vacuum, significantly reducing production time, improving product quality and minimizing environmental exposure.

Our innovative technology allows for filtering and washing of solids also as drying during a single unit, leading to a better yield with no operator contact. Moreover, performing all operations in an indoor system assures consistent product quality, simple validation also because the required operational safety.

Our Filter/Filter-Dryers are often optimized to permit for frequent changes in product campaigns. It also can be offered in High Pharma or Sterile configurations as per FDA/MCA requirements.

Sinter filter/Filter-Dryers are offered in chrome steel , Hastelloy and special alloys offer in various sizes starting from 0.1M2 to 12M2

Sinter Filter's 5-layer sinter wire mesh and 6-layer sinter wire mesh are widly uesd within the Nuthsche Filter.The thickness for the sinter wire mesh is 1.7mm for 5-layer and three .5mm for 6-layer.

Below is that the technical data for our 5-layer sinter wire mesh.

sintered wire mesh for pharmaceutical industry

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