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What Are the Benefits of Sintered Wire Cloth?

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Diffusion-bonded sintered wire cloth provides a number of important benefits, including:

Enhanced stability: The sintering process results in greater stability, which makes it a good choice for a higher percentage of open area or a need for safe aperture.

Excellent strength: the inherent strength of sintered wire mesh is conducive to high pressure backwashing and also provides ultra high resistance to puncture and wear.

Reusable: Diffuse wire cloth is durable and easy to clean, and it can be reused in many applications without affecting product quality or performance.

Easy to make: Sintered silk cloth is very easy to make.It can form deep filtering media and others need to control permeability.

Flexibility: The versatility of the diffusely bonded wire cloth enables it to be used to create a variety of combinations of square plain screen layers to produce a wide range of filtration and flow characteristics.

Compared with other products, sintered wire mesh is made by applying hot pressing to the woven wire mesh layer.The contact points of these wires are joined together to form a powerful net that can be manufactured in many sizes and can be customized.

Sintered wire cloth application:

Sintered wire cloth is very popular in the oil and gas industry, where diffusely bonded wire cloth provides effective sand control for many types of formation sand, as well as a variety of gravel pack applications.

Fluidization: Use sintered wire to fluidize bulk powders and solids under the harshest conditions, such as extreme temperatures and high corrosion environments.

Power generation: Diffusion bonded wire cloth maximizes the performance of power generation filtration systems such as reactor water cleanup and fuel pool cleanup.It also helps to reduce the operating costs of condensation filters and polishing systems.

General industrial: common industrial applications of sintered wire cloth include catalyst recovery, steam filtration, polymer filtration, demineralization, etc.sintered wire mesh Asintered-filter-disc

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