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How To Clean Sintered Mesh Filter Element?

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The sintered wire mesh filter elements adopt a large number of high-precision welding processes. The sintered filter elements are rounded and then welded. The roundness of the weld should be ensured. After the welding is flat, the weld can be corrected to make the overall look more beautiful.

How to clean the sintered wire mesh filter elements?

Tools that need to be prepared:

1. The gas used is filtered by dust removal equipment.

2. Adjustable pressure spray equipment.

3. CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine.

4. Heatable cleaning tank.

Specific cleaning method:

1. Powerful cleaning agent, water-based cleaning agent. Since chloride ions can cause intergranular corrosion of austenitic stainless steel, the selected strong cleaning agent and water-based cleaning agent do not contain chloride.

2. The cleaning water used is deep well water, filtered by 5μm filter equipment, and the chloride ion content in the water is less than 20mg/L.

3. Cleaning furnace: It can bake excess grease impurities on the filter element at a continuous temperature of 380°C.



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