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Appliaction of sintered wire mesh

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The performance of sintered wire mesh can be improved by a process loosely referred to as "sintering", which relies on molecular diffusion-bonding.The same process can be used to press layers of wire cloth together.


Most types of woven screen can be sintered.The main reason for firing braided screen is to glue all the intersecting wires together, thus eliminating medium migration.Woven mesh is generally prone to edge wear.

The sintering process is also a heat treatment process.If the process atmosphere and circulation are properly controlled, the wire cloth will be bright and clean, with sufficient toughness and metallurgical solution annealing.Despite the annealing treatment, the overall tensile strength of most fabrics is improved due to the bonding between the wires.Increased thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.Significant improvements in formability and ductility, including the ability to hold shape and hold folds.


To extend this principle, a micron-sized filter (or other fine mesh, such as a screen) can be combined with multiple layers of thicker mesh to create various structures.The fine mesh can be sandwiched between the protective layers to form a symmetrical structure.


Sintered dutch weave mesh application: bidirectional filter medium, hydraulic valve filter screen.


Type B Sintered Wire Mesh

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