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The difference between sintered mesh and sintered felt

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The sintered wire mesh is made of overlapping multiple stainless steel braided meshes of the same type or different ones, which are made by repeated pressure, rolling, and repeated vacuum sintering at 1260°C, followed by diffusion and solid solution. It has strong mechanical strength. strength and overall rigidity.

Stainless steel sintered felt is made of extremely fine metal fibers of different diameters through non-woven laying, overlapping configuration and high-temperature vacuum sintering at 1180°C.

The sintering process of sintered mesh is to overlap and sinter several layers of stainless steel metal braided mesh with different structures, and sinter the cross-section of the mesh.

The structure of sintered felt is ordered. And sintering is non-woven paving, which is to sinter metal fibers together in a disorderly manner.

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