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Sintered square woven mesh

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The plain sintered wire mesh is a kind of sintered wire mesh that sintered by multi-layers plain wire meshr. Because of the high opening rate of the plain wire mesh, the plain sintered wire mesh has the characteristics of high permeability, small resistance and large circulation. It is widely used in the fields of functional requirements such as rectification, powder transportation, air dispersion, drying, cooling, penetration, impedance and so on.

Sintered square woven Mesh Characteristic

(1) good strength: good stability, high mechanical strength and high pressure strength.
(2) easy to clean: because of the use of surface filter materials, with the characteristics of cleaning, especially suitable for backwashing.
(3) easy to process: suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, stretching, welding and other processing technology.
(4) high temperature resistance:can be continuously in temperature ranging from-200
to 600 and filtering in acid and alkali conditions.
(5) corrosion resistance: because of the use of SUS316L, SUS304 materials, so strong corrosion resistance.
(6) filtering precision: the range of filtering precision is 1 mu M-200 mu m, and has reliable filtering performance.
(7) the porosity is high, the pore distribution is uniform and the filtration flow is large

Sintered square woven Mesh Purpose:

(1) materials used for dispersing cooling in extremely high temperature environment.
(2) the application of uniform gas in the powder industry, the fluidization plate in the iron and steel industry.
(3) for gas distributed fluidized bed plate material.
(4) for blast furnace pulverized coal flow and dense phase transportation system.
(5) the filtration of materials in the pharmaceutical industry and the washing and drying.
(6) filter for polyester, oil, food and beverage, chemical chemical fiber products, and also for water treatment and gas filtration.


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